Middle Passage
Thursdays from 5pm-7pm EST

Hosted by Victor Bains Marshall
Genre: Talk / Music

"I have been a lover of music in all of it's various genres since I can remember. For me, music is both invigorationg and positive, something that brings me out of a depression and inspires me to push forward. I have been a DJ since 1976, landing my first gig at Montreal's famous Nuit Magique club and then moving here to Toronto to spin at the Montreal Bistro down on Sherbourne Street in '78. From there, I spun at various clubs in Toronto before getting my first on-air gig at Toronto's legendary radio station CKLN - 88.1fm in 1990.My current show is a mix of eclectic music, anything from funk, r'n'b, rock, jazz, blues, world, classical, even some country. I play it all! I also conduct interviews with various artists and personalities. Some of the folks that I have interviewed throughout the years include Denzel Washington, Jesse Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Patti Labelle, Little Jimmy Scott, Giancarlo Esposito, Barry White, Bobby Womack, and numerous others. I really enjoy doing my show at Radio Regent, where I have been for the past six years, and look forward to experiencing the cgrowth and changes that will happen as we move forward!

Love, Peace, & Guidance, "

Victor Bains Marshall


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