Krush Groove

Hosted by: Adrian Hope
Genre: Music 70’s to 2000
Show Time: Fridays 7 pm to 9 pm EST

An Interview with Adrian Hope

The Buzz: When did you start DJ’ing and what was the main influence?

Adrian: I started to Dj back in high school. I had given it up because we fought over records and we fought over playing time. I picked it back up around 1998 when I helped a buddy do a few functions. I knew a lot of rock music where he didn't. The biggest influence would be my friend Tony Bennett. He would always show me things about Dj’ing and introduced me to one of the greats Rupert Gayle.

The Buzz: What do you think of the new age of rap?

Adrian: The new age of rap needs more rappers and creativity. A lot of it sounds the same and you can’t understand them. The beat is slow as well, reminds me of slow music.

The Buzz: What influenced you to produce your radio show Krush Groove on Radio Regent?

Adrian: My sister was the influence. I had produced a few shows for her radio show and the station was looking for people to do more shows so I applied. I have been there for over six years now.

The Buzz: What genre of music do you enjoy DJ’ing?

Adrian: I really don’t have a favorite genre of music to play. I play stuff that I love from the late 70’s up to early 2000. I play rap for the 80’s then can switch it up to new wave music or reggae. It is fun to have the flexibility to do that and the show gives me a lot of range to play the music I love and share with people who listen.

The Buzz: How did you come up with the name of your radio show?

Adrian: My sister and I came up with the name. I wanted a name that had the word groove in it. It was actually name of a movie in the 80's.

The Buzz: Who are some artist that you play on your radio station?

Adrian: I play Prince, Micheal Jackson, LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Cameo, Bar Kays, Slick Rick, lots of older music.

The Buzz: Who are some guest you have had on your radio show in the past?

Adrian: I never had any guest, maybe in the future.

The Buzz: What do you enjoy most about being able to produce a radio show?

Adrian: Being able to play what I want, with no restrictions.

The Buzz: What are some your plans for the future Krush Groove ?

Adrian: Keep playing shows with as little talking as possible.

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